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Top Things You Can’t Recycle That You Don’t Know About

The earth humans live in is really not the same one as it is thousands of years ago. While there are a lot of positive changes in this modern world, there are also a lot of negative effects of these changes. Take technology for instance. This is why a lot of environment concerned citizens find ways to save the planet from getting completely ruined. One way is through recycling.

Recycling is simply making use of things that are usually considered trash after using. This act is truly noble as it reduces toxic wastes in the environment. But, there are considerations before allowing your trash to be recycled in facilities. In fact, there are things that should rather be left to trash rather than recycle. The following are some of the things that you should not recycle.

Wet Cardboards

Pizza cardboard’s smudged with grease, wet paper towels and tissues would really not make it to the recycling bin. The thing is, these pieces of paper are way too ruined that it cannot be good materials to recycle. Since most of these cardboard’s are used to produce paper, insisting on recycling wet card boards and paper will only leave the output unrefined.

Plastic Bags, Plastic Caps and Plastic Juice Boxes

While plastic bottles are accepted in junk shops with wide open arms, plastic bags, caps and juice boxes may not seem to gather the same welcoming score. These things are appreciated less in junk shops. Plus, the fact that these plastic pieces are just too difficult to handle makes a lot of shops resist accepting these pieces. This is because the amount of work that is demanded may not be worth the amount that the items will come to cost after recycling.


Unlike plastics and metal scraps, ceramics are way too difficult to handle for recycling. Recycling may not even be possible at all. This is because ceramics cannot just be melted. So, if you have ceramics sitting, you can just leave it at that or you can use it as a valuable art material at home.


Styrofoam that has been used up may not be that valuable for recycling which puts it to its final rest, being your pet’s toy. Styrofoam is not valued in junk shops given the fact that it is flammable and may be that valuable once exposed to extreme heat.


These are some of the things at home that you cannot just recycle. It would help to just leave these things to the trash or have it transformed to a valuable art piece.